“No, O people, the LORD has already told you what is good, and this is what he requires: to do what is right, to love mercy, and to walk humbly with your God” (Micah 6:8, NLT).  This obviously goes against the grain of our opportunistic society.  The selfishness in our nation has polices focused on American exceptionalism, convenience, innovation, our way of life, etc.?  But how much more do we need?

The waste and greed in society is not as reprehensible as when it exists in the Church.

  • Millions are donated annually but very little of it goes to the underserved and spreading the Gospel.  Most is spent on our comfort and convenience.
  • 95% of the Church’s income is spent on domestic projects; 4.5% regular missions, and .5 % on frontier missions (where there is no substantial, ongoing ministry taking place).
  • The world around us starves for physical and spiritual food while we spend millions to build monuments to human egos and for the comfort of spoiled American Christians.

It’s paramount that the church responds to needs, crises and disasters.  Our focus need not be on what other people aren’t doing but on how Christ wants US to be involved.  If we’re passionate about an issues, let’s do something about it instead of belittling those who don’t share our opinions.

The Church’s flawed character rises up when needs are revealed or we’re asked to serve.  Our responses so many times are so unChristlike.  When we see underserved people, does the thought “Get a JOB” go through our minds?  “Do something to help yourself instead of expecting me to enable your poverty.”  Then we cross on other side of the road, walk faster, or get into a  deep conversation so we can justify our enaction.

I believe that too many churchgoers possess what I call a Northern Abolitionist attitude.  Sure, the northern states wanted the slaves set free in the 1800’s but they certainly didn’t want them coming up to Detroit, New York, and  Chicago.  We’re telling them “You don’t fit in my world.”  Then there’s the “I’ll Pray for you” scapegoat.  Recognize the need, feel bad, shed a tear, then pray “God raise someone up…someone else.”

Try this on:  only 5% of church attenders serve or volunteer.  If every North American Christian tithed, we could wipe out global poverty!  There’s an incredible amount of unmet potential in American pews.  We point fingers at the government to act, but what is God calling us to do?


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