It’s Just A Movie Folks. Watch It. Don’t Watch It. Move On.


It’s a unique month heading into Easter with 3 “religious” movies hitting the box offices:  Son of God, God’s Not Dead, and Noah.  Obviously the latter has come under scrutiny and criticism because of excessive poetic license and extra-Biblical content.  Uh oh.  Newsflash. Hollywood didn’t follow the script.

A bigger travesty to me is the 2002 depiction of my favorite book, the Count of Monte Cristo.  TOTALLY butchered it and ruined a great novel.  Seriously, how many of us learned our lesson in high school when we depended on the movie or Cliff Notes rather than reading the actual book.

But as usual, American Christians have taken to what they are best known for:  protesting; fixating more on what they are against than what they are for.

  • “It doesn’t follow Scripture.”
  • “It depicts Noah as a religious nut” (as if a movie about a 100 year old man killing his only son or an animal fur clad man eating locusts and honey wouldn’t be).  Let’s put our beliefs through the filter of an unbeliever’s eyes.  Of course all of us appear crazy.  As irreverent as this sounds, think of how preposterous the Bible sounds some times. Be honest.
  • “Russell Crowe’s portrayal of Noah was ‘too dark.'”  How many of our Bible heroes probably struggled with depression, OCD, or mood disorders?  Can you imagine the emotional weight that Noah carried?  The guilt?  The fear and dread?

It’s obvious we didn’t learn our lesson from the Last Temptation of Christ released in 1988.  Christian mobs at cinemas, death threats, and harassment. But in their attempts to prevent people from seeing the movie, their protesting made it a hit. It brought worldwide attention and foiled their plans.  My pastor used it as an opportunity and preached a sermon with the same title: Christ’s last temptation was to bypass the Cross.  Obviously He overcame that temptation.

Here’s some things to consider:

  • It’s conceived, directed, and produced by non-Christians.  “I  know they believe the Bible is the sacred word of God, but Hollywood is not the place you go for “sacred.” You’d think they’d be glad that an Old Testament Bible story is even being made into a $130-million mainstream epic with a wide release” Michael Heaton, Mail Online.
  • It covers 4 chapters of the Bible. Is that really enough plot material for a 2:18 movie?
  • Is it blasphemous?
  • What else is in the media diet of Christians who would tell others not to watch Noah?  Perhaps we need to purify other aspects of our entertainment. Within the last few months, I’ve heard Christians talking about:  Sex in the City, Endless Love, the Conjuring, and Game of Thrones. Then I hear the comments: “Oh yeah, that movie/TV show was pretty risque.  Don’t know if you should see it.”  As if we couldn’t figure that out by the rating, the actors, and the previews. Honestly, I don’t even see that many movies in the theaters.  It costs too much money.
  • If we’re going to eliminate “Biblical” movies because they’re not Biblical, we need to stop watching: Prince of Egypt, Ten Commandments, Passion of the Christ, Jesus of Nazareth, One Night With the King, and the History Channel Bible Series.
  • The people who criticize me for watching Noah will be the same ones criticizing me for not seeing God’s Not Dead. BTW, I see those situations every day. No need to pay $10. And in the rare moment that I do patronize the Savoy 16, I go to be entertained, not to be fed, challenged, or convicted. That’s reserved for my local church and my personal devotional life.
  • Does anyone really want to see Noah drunk and naked?  And what ensued with his son, Ham?  It’s in the Bible!
  • Maybe this will give us an opportunity to engage in dialogue about the truth.  Yes actually have conversations with people instead of relying on a movie to communicate the Word.  “This is what really happened and why…”  #selah

Call me a compromiser, collaborator, emergent, etc. I’ve been called worse this month.

The real question is:  do our lives line up with Scripture?  Do our lives contradict the Bible?


P.S.  That was probably one of the worst movies I’ve ever seen.  Some redeeming qualities but I’d rather see the English Patient ten times consecutively than watch that again.


4 thoughts on “It’s Just A Movie Folks. Watch It. Don’t Watch It. Move On.

  1. “American Christians have taken to what they are best known for: protesting; fixating more on what they are against than what they are for.” Thats a different way of looking at things for sure– what we agree. Tbh, I was already getting ‘up in arms’ as I was preparing to watch the movie, I think I’ll have different expectations now.

  2. as always, loved your take terry. However, maybe chalk it up to my heresy, I LOVED the film. It was haunting and beautiful – especially the Creation sequence and the analysis of the violence and sinful darkness of man. I have honestly been thinking so much recently about the concepts of grace, sin, death, forgiveness, justice, mercy, and repentence that the film covered. Shed a lot of tears thinking on the biblical narrative lately, and this film helped me dwell on that briefly.

    1. bleeding heart…

      it wasn’t a complete waste. it did have some redeeming qualities which i mentioned particularly noah’s anguish and guilt.

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