Election 2012 Coming to a Close…Break’s Over

It’s almost over.  Election 2012 is soon to be another item in the history books.  I can’t wait.  Yet, it still bothers me how much fellow Christ followers get embroiled in the venomous political battles, particularly the disparaging and demeaning rhetoric.  Another way of putting it, involving themselves in “civilian affairs.”  Christians have lowered themselves to the mudslinging tactics of political operatives and pundits, demonizing people with differing views.  Too often from Tweets and Facebook statuses, we can pick up the underlying tones of ethnocentrism and privilege.

As people called into God’s service we need to be Spirit-filled (empowered), Spirit led (directed), and possess Spiritual Wisdom (informed).  We are not to be bound, tainted, restricted, biased, polluted, affected, or diluted by our world or national controversies.  Please let me clarify.  I am an American citizen.  I’m grateful for the life that I’ve had and I try to be a good steward with what God has given me.  I prayed with our grieving nation on 9/11.  I pray regularly for our President, and federal and local leaders regardless of their party affiliations.  I pray for our U.S. military and their families because I’m grateful for their honorable service and sacrifice for our country.  I pray that wars would end peacefully, that all soldiers could go home safely, and that especially developing nations would be freed from the agendas of developed nations.  But, before I’m a citizen of the U.S. I’m a child of God, trying to keep an eternal, godly perspective. As unpopular as it might seem, I also pray for the other armies and nations as well.  I pray for America’s “enemies” that they too would experience the saving power of Christ.  I pray for developing nations that very practical physical needs would be met.  The convenience of my lifestyle has come at what cost to others globally?  Is it possible that as Christians we can prove our stereotypes wrong?  Can we do better and…

Be knowledgeable about the issues
We cannot afford to just simply vote according to our pet issues, no matter how crucial they are.  It’s imperative that we look at the summation of issues and pick the candidate who will fulfill his Constitutional duties.  This requires that we have a wide understanding of current events and how they affect everyone’s lives.  We cannot be limited to just one news source that agrees or defines our stance.  Are we willing to be challenged?  Even to be wrong?  One cannot be adequately informed by reading bullet points on Yahoo or CNN’s Tweets.

Vote with wisdom
Do we really seek God and have His heart regarding government officials?  Or do we simply vote the way we’ve always voted, based on how our pastors, parents, siblings, and friends have always voted.  Are we too often products of our environment committed to preserving the status quo?  The problems are exacerbated when we disagree with policies, then throw out the whole idea no matter how much good it would do.

Pray for Whoever Wins
And whoever wins tomorrow, whether political foe or not, are we going to fulfill our role in praying for them?  Whether they confirm our agendas or what we perceive to be God’s imperatives, do we dare lift them and their staffs and families up before the Almighty?

Be part of the process
Whoever is in office on January 20, it’s not about who gets what done or what doesn’t get done.  What are we going to do about it?  How are we going to serve in our own sphere of influence?  How are we going to make a difference in our corner of the world?  The problems facing America and the world are way beyond what Congress and the President could every achieve.  There are greater threats to our galaxy than same-sex marriage, nationalized healthcare, rescuing social security, bigoted chicken and gay cookies.  And as great as an atrocity as abortion is…50 million murdered children…there is still far worse

Perhaps if we would focus on our responsibilities instead of criticizing and judging others.  Where are the believers not afraid to pray and fast on a consistent basis, the ones willing to lay down career and family for the cause, the ones whose shadow would heal the sick and cast out demons like in the old days?  In the Church, where are those who fear God, embrace holiness, cry out for the lost, and are moved to tears over the helplessness of those around them?  Where are those who want to roll up their sleeves, jump in, get dirty, and do more than just talk about it?

God warns that prosperity is not blessing but many times the precursor to judgment.  That the proud and arrogant will be brought to their knees.  The Bible speaks of spiritual drought where people will have no desire or hunger for God’s Word despite the fact it’s what they need.  The Church worldwide is exploding, up to 80,000 new believers every week.  But not here in America.  This last census reports no significant numerical growth among Christians.  We’ve opened a lot of churches but have shut down more.

It’s time to rise above politics and party allegiances.  It’s time to live what we preach.  Transformed people are called to transform society.  How we doing at that?  Can we afford to focus on the salvation of individual people and the restoration of our communities?  They are both Biblical, God-given Mandates.

Maybe I didn’t get enough sleep last night.  Nevertheless, I’m sick of debating the issues.  Break’s over.  Time to get to work.


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