An Unlikely Candidate


Ah yes, another election year.  So many issues, so few choices.
The trashy sophomoric commercials have only begun.
The mailers, the door hangers, the leaflets.
The lawn banners.  The debates.  The jabs.  The fake smiles.
The innuendos, the tabloid exclusives, the accusations.
All to discredit them, show them unfit for office.
Lurid affairs.  Questionable emails.  Embarrassing Pictures.
Prostitutes.  Deviant behavior.  Unaccounted funds.

What would you think of a candidate with this colorful family history?
Prostitution, Incest, Adultery, Murder, Kidnapping.
Support of slavery, Corruption, Paganism, Treason.
Oh, and throw this in…his parents weren’t married when his mom got pregnant.  Oops.
People died because of him.
People hated him too.  He made them insecure.  They labeled HIM a deviant.
His friends were hookers, thieves, liars, murderers, rejects, misfits…those society rejected.

Yet with all of this against him,
He became one of the most influential people in history.
Probably no one more divisive.
Campaign ads have been aired without his approval.
Slim chance he could ever become president, senator, or congressman.
That’s ok.  Because he’s free of party allegiance and political squabbling.
He doesn’t condemn, reject, or ignore.
He cheers for the underdog and speaks up for the voiceless.
He shields the vulnerable and defends the weak.
He loves life, the poor, the sick, the elderly, and the hungry.
Alone, abused, abandoned?  He knows all three.

He’s an unlikely candidate but a perfect savior.  His Name is Jesus.


One thought on “An Unlikely Candidate

  1. Wow Pastor T. This is really good. Please continue to show case your brillant mind. You are very creative with your words. I LOVED reading this blog!!!!!!!

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