The Unleashed Power of A Dream

As I prepare to speak on dreams tonight in our college and young adult ministry, I can’t help but think back to the summer and anticipate the future of Inspire Urbana.  Even now as we pray and consider a church launch in East Urbana.  I’m learning some powerful lessons about God given dreams, especially when they’re ripe and read to burst, that moment when the passion for transformation is unleashed on a community.

We saw Volunteers Released.  Different age, different stages, different places, all coming together for a common purpose.  Starting with the donations of groceries, to ground troops carrying hundreds of bags door to door, to giving manicures and cutting hair, etc.  We’ve seen generosity poured out before, but never at this magnitude.  By the end of the summer, over 500 volunteers logged in about 3000 hours of service.

Our pastoral staff is amazing.  Hands down I love working with them.  But I don’t know if I’ve every enjoyed working with them more because Inspire Urbana Energized Our Team.  I especially loved the way our individual giftings rose to the surface and we flowed in them.  That made the outreach go smoothly and added an extra dimension of excitement.

Corporately, the Body embraced the Cause.  The need was presented, God worked in people’s hearts, and they responded all across the board.  Folks were practically begging for opportunities to help out in some way.  Everyone wanted to be a part.  Even the larger Body of Christ in Champaign-Urbana jumped in.  The Christian Clinic, other churches and ministries, and Christ followers in positions of influence helped make it a success.

Then, Resources Poured In from the community at large.  A gentleman happened to be visiting the day we presented Inspire Urbana to our church right before it started.  He was so moved, he donated a rather sizeable check to the cause.  Civic organizations, U of I employees, teams from the hospitals and clinics, and social services, even the local Sephora offered help.  The first weekend, we had 8 Mormon missionaries go out with us to distribute groceries.  The money and supplies were more than abundant for our efforts and are giving our fall campaign a head start.

And the best part…it’s still going.  Dreams From God Don’t Die as we are faithful and keep trusting in Him!




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