Identity Theft

“A thief is only there to steal and kill and destroy. I came so they can have real and eternal life, more and better life than they ever dreamed of” (John 10:10).

Every year, identity theft claims even more victims, exacerbated by continuing advances in technology.  Annually, 15 million people have their identities fraudulently used by another person totaling a $50 billion loss.  At the same time, 100 million people are at risk due to government and corporate databases.  From stealing wallets and purses for credit and debit cards, dumpster diving and stealing mail, or computer hacking, thieves are finding ways to rob other people electronically.

 There is an even more insidious plot against God’s people that has lasted a lot longer.  As we have been created in God’s image, the enemy is working overtime to thwart that plan for our lives and cause us to fail.  He is constantly devising strategies and schemes to:

  • Discourage us.  He knows our weak spots and pressure points, those things that wear us down emotionally, the very things that cause us to quit.
  • Damage us.  The longer we wallow in self-pity and negativity, the wounds go deeper and cause greater pain.
  • Deter us.  Our relationship with Christ is a journey not a destination.  It’s predicated on our initiative of growing through prayer, studying the Word, and obeying His commands.  But disappointments along the way tempt us to put God on hold.
  • Disillusion us.  We start to see God in a different way, questioning His love, fairness, credibility, and ability.
  • Disconnect us.  As our frustrations grow, we abandon intimacy with God.
  • Defeat us.  At this point, we lose all sight of God.  We surrender under duress and choose another path because He has failed us.
  • Destroy us.  Now that we stand apart from our Creator and other Christ followers, the enemy has finally robbed us of God’s best for our lives.

I believe God has a unique plan for each of us, accompanied by the abilities to get the job done. He saved us for a divine and unique purpose.  The only prerequisite? That we follow and obey Him.  Our reference point is the Cross, not circumstances or situations, or even the decaying world around us. Let us begin the steps to remember and reclaim our identity in Christ.


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